There's No Place Like Home!--->the VOTE!

Ok, there are a LOT of entries- in the 40-50 range, but I'm letting YOU guys pick who wins!! All you have to do is comment with whose design you like the best!! :)

Andrea Camarena- Places that significant family events happened: Disneyland, Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, the beach, and the state of California.

Annette Borg- Her childhood home, her dog, the local personality 'The T-shirt lady' who wears only a t-shirt and flip flops, a cigarette butt for the local smoking ban, and the path she's traveled from northern to southern California.

Areshu- Her mother's food (from thumb- pinky: hamburger with tomato, eggplant, mac and cheese, strawberry, and blueberries)

Art of Nail

Ashlee- because her father was a police officer

Ashley Rautenstrauch- the silhouette of Buffalo, her hometown, the the Buffalo Sabres game chant

Becky-  bad/cloudy weather

BoonDY- Her mother's favorite flowers, Sunflowers

Cherie_Jayla- drawing funny faces on paper in her kitchen to make her two year old laugh

Jackie L- her family, (l to r; her sister, her, her dad, and her mom)

Coresdaju- her room, so she did the wallpaper pattern

Courtney - Philidelphia Flyers logo

Debbie- all the Philidelphia teams, plus the LOVE park statue

dr4g0nf1y- sitting on the lawn looking at her mother's flowers

Duyen- home means the world to her, with Miami beach, the blue driveway that greets everyone to her home, sleeping in her bed, and her dog who greets her when she gets home.


Isadora- home for her is wearing her Haviaianas! :)

Amoeba- memories of eating fresh fruit while sitting on the porch with her parents

jmlopez95- watching Sesame Street when she was younger and carefree

Kim S- (thumb-pinky: the Wizard of oz, spending time with loved ones, being happy at home, her dog, and picking strawberries with her mom. 

Kathryn- rooting for the home team- the Seattle Mariners

ladyninja333- the mountains of New Mexico, the eternal question: red chilies or green chilies? and the NM state flag.

Larissa [pinck]- marine life near her home

Lauren- Home is where the heart is.

Lindsey- home makes her think of milk and cookies!  (yum!)

Lunuland- JERSEY SHORE! GTL - (t-p: laundry, I<3 NJ, tanning, GTL, and barbells)

Megan S- home makes her think of LOVE. :)

MaRyya- Looking at her father's flower garden

Meg- the beach because her family goes there in the summer

Memerrill007- the ditch that used to run through the property when she was younger, and the times she spent enjoying its bounty

MJ- her bedroom (t-p: the glow in the dark stars on her white ceiling, a pillow on her bed, sleeping in her bed, her bedspread/comforter, and her pink iPod that she always listens to in her room)

naluma- music, family, her cat leo, love, and dreams of motherhood

Nicole M.- (t-p: Georgia peach logo, her son's baby footprint, lace from her wedding dress, high school class colors and class of '07, and love)

ocjbeachbum21- wizard of oz

Phoebe- rural area

Pretty- Bay area  rainbow, Golden Gate bridge and fog. 

princess_bernadette- the unique yellow buses around her house that let her know she's home

shinylittlestar- the rug that her parents bought her

Simply Rins- the colors represent her family, yellow- dog, blue- dad, green- mom, red- her, and pink-her sister.

Soffio di Dea- the scenery near her home

Sonoma Bento - wind country with the vineyards and grapes!!

Swaafie- love, the country roads near her house, her parents' house, and the garden of daisies

Teresia- beach/water theme, because she spent most of her childhood in the water during her summers by the sea, and feels at home in the water no matter where she is

Tara F- the rich, bold colors of her dad's house that make her think of home, classy and classic.

Thifa- the Brazilian flag, and a beach scene.

Thriszha- a hot air balloon event that she went to with her family 

That's all folks!!  Voting ends Wed, August 18, at 11:59 PST


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