What a Hoot!

Welcome to the last day of 'Fabric Week' here on the Daily Nail blog. :) Today, I chose the cutest of my fabrics, and the only one that wasn't an abstract pattern or floral. It's OWLS! I love the simple colors and the retro feel. My owls look a little tweaked out, but that's ok. :-P

The fabric inspiration:

The nails:

I used Essie Mink Muffs as a base, with (from thumb to pinky) CND Bicycle Yellow, American Apparel Manila, a mixture of L.A. Girl Army Green and American Apparel Cotton, L.A. Girl Army Green, and Zoya Jancyn for the owl colors. American Apparel Cotton was used for the white of the face, with MAC Showy for the dark brown outlines around everything and in the background. For the eyes, I used CND Bicycle Yellow.

BTW, update on the neck...

A lot of you suggested a chiropractor, and usually I LOVE the chiro, but last time I had this problem happen (less than 2 months ago), he made it ten times worse. The shoulder still hurts pretty badly, but I was at least able to sleep last night, which was great. Hopefully it keeps trending towards getting better! :) Thank you all for your advice and concern!!! :)


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