Pillow Talk

Today's manicure was inspired by the design on some pillows at IKEA! :) I used the VILMIE RUTA pillow as inspiration, to be precise. :-D I've always been a fan of simple shapes and bold, bright colors, so of course this pillow caught my eye!

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with Nubar Sexy Red for the red, Zoya Jancyn for the orange, American Apparel Factory Grey for the lighter grey, and American Apparel Factory Grey mixed with American Apparel Hassid for the darker grey. For the blue, I used Pure Ice French Kiss, and for the beige, I used a mixture of American Apparel California Trooper, American Apparel Manila, and Essie Mink Muffs. I then topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


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